7" 200 Micron Filter Sock

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Micron Filter Socks        

Instantly improve your water quality with our pre-rinsed 200 micron filter socks. These highly durable mechanical filters help trap uneaten food, free floating particulate matter, micro-bubbles, and even dust from your aquarium.  Pre-molded with internal plastic handles for easy servicing and double stitched for maximum reliability, micron socks are truly the BEST upgrade to your filter/sump for polishing water. The result, a CLEANER & CLEARER aquarium!



  • High Quality Double stitched Felt
  • 200 Micron pore size
  • Pre-rinsed for instant use
  • Made in USA
  • Internal Plastic Handles for convenience
  • 7”x 14”
  • Individually labeled with quick-tear UPC on exterior