SnappGrid Egg Crate Stackable Risers

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SnappGrid 16 Pack Risers


Raise your corals, raise your equipment and raise your expectations when you think of Innovative Marine's vision on what we should be calling standard egg crate. The SnappGrid is a black interlocking egg crate system that can be customized to fit any aquarium with ease. Simply interlock and cut and you have a seamless raised sheet of egg crate specifically designed to keep your frags, rock and equipment off the aquarium floor.


Lock two, three or as many sheets as you like. Have fun with the SnappGrid: Create unique aquascapes, raise your equipment or showcase your entire collection. With the SnappGrid we want you to get Cre-EGG-tive.




  • 16 pack of Risers for the SappGrid
  • Great for DIY Projects
  • Customize the SnappGrid to new heights
  • Raise sections of rock structures for increased circulation
  • Create a slanted frag display
  • 100% Reef Safe
  • Create Unique Rock Structures
  • Raise Protein Skimmers in Sumps
  • Constructed from Flexible Styrene