Wavelink AIO Powerhead - Midsize

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Wavelink AIO Wavemaker -Know Your Flow


Water flow, one of the single, most important and overlooked basic necessities for any aquarium. In nature reefs are accustomed to constant changing water movements and throughout years of evolution they have changed to benefit from it.


Proper water movement helps crucial gas exchange, removes damaging waste build up and stimulates beneficial fish and coral health. To simulate natural wave patterns we must understand the different kinds of water movement in nature: Laminar or Stream, Surging and Turbulant /Random FlowDepending on what kind of livestock you have each one requires a specific type of flow that naturally occurs in the wild.  


No bigger than an egg and utilizing the latest in Sinewave technology, the Wavelink by Innovative Marine is A DC powered, controllable & energy efficient wavemaker that gives you the flexibility to change wave patterns on the fly without the need of computers, APPS, or purchasing additional modules.




  • Ultra-Quiet Sine Wave Technology
  • Magnetic Swivel Mount (Max Wall Thickness 15mm)
  • Adjustable Wave Frequency (9 Preset Modes)
    • Including Self Cleaning and One Touch Feed Mode
  • Six Controllable Modes:
    • Pulse
    • Sine
    • Surge
    • Stream
    • Turbulent
    • Random
    • Linkable Wireless Master/Slave Configuration
  • Tank Size 30 - 60 Gallons
  • Dims 3.5" x 2.6"
  • Flow Range 253-2,300 GPH
  • Max Watts 30W/24V DC

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Tank Size
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Flow Range

Max Watts


30-60 Gallons

3.5" x 2.6"

253-2,300 GPH

30W/24V DC


Safety Warning!!! Read Before Use! This equipment includes one or more extremely powerful magnets. It is extremely dangerous to bring a magnet near a person who has a pacemaker or near any electrical medical device. Do not swallow magnets. If swallowed, immediately consult a doctor. Keep magnets out of children’s reach. To avoid serious pinch-type injuries caused by objects attracted to the magnet, please keep all steel and iron objects well away from the AUQA Gadget’s Magnet. Please do not allow hands and fingers and other body parts to be caught between the equipment. The strong magnetic fields of neodymium magnets can damage items such as televisions, computer monitors, credit cards, watches, hearing aids, speakers and home video eqiupment. Under no circumstances should you try to cut, saw or drill the Neodymium magnets.