Our Largest Tank EVER!

A 200 Gallon NUVO EXT!

The Award Winning NUVO's have a long history of transforming the way you reef and our next generation of 6 foot Aquariums will change it again! From the start, Innovative Marine’s vision was to create an aquarium that the overflow flawlessly integrates into the experience and is in tune with your dream set up.

NUVO EXT 200 gallon Aquarium w/ APS Black Stand

​Redesigned NUVO 5 Door APS Stand.


The NUVO APS stand sets a new standard in aquarium furniture with its new winged side doors! Access your entire system, from the front or the sides.


Aluminum has been a tried and true element for custom commercial stands, because of its versatility, strength, and it's light weight.


Innovative Marine has brought that technology to the aquarium industry to create a truly singular aesthetic aquarium stand that is modular in construction, easy to set up, and is resistant to corrosion and swelling in both fresh and marine environments.


Finally, an aquarium stand that may actually outlast your aquarium.