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Innovative Marine

Made to Order

A large aquarium system takes time to create and build.

Receive a generous 40% discount while dreaming and exploring how you will aquascape your aquarium and which fish you will introduce into your ecosystem.

All "Made to Order" aquariums are constructed with Euro-bracing

and come standard with a three year warranty. The APS stands are made of reinforced aluminum metal. Overbuilt and insured safety are commonplace with Innovative Marine.

With "Made to Order" we create the aquarium system you want (112 to 240 Gallons) while you plan all of the aquascaping ideas and accessories.

What is a NUVO "Made to Order" (MTO) purchase?

saltwater aquarium made to order

A Nuvo "Made to Order" purchase is defined as any product that is generally not in-stock and requires long process times to create. These aquariums and stands (112 to 240 gallons) are generally oversized, extremely heavy, and incur much more freight fees to transport. 

How long does it take from the time of order?

made to order aquarium and stand when will it arrive

Once you place your order, we will begin acquiring the raw materials for production. Please allow four to six months from the time you order to ship out from our Cerritos, CA facility.

What are the benefits for a NUVO "Made to Order" purchase?

save money big discount
saltwater aquarium

All "Made to Order" purchases receive a 40% discount off the MAP retail price. This saves you money and gives you time to acquire equipment and dream of your set up. 

aquarium glass
glass water box oven
aquarium and stand combo made to order
fish tank factory

The low iron glass panels are created to the proper thicknesses for over-built safety.

The panels are cured in a special oven made only for aquarium glass.

custom glass cut aquarium
cut glass for aquarium

Skilled technicians hand cut with precision using glass specific steel wheel blades and diamond bit hole saws.

aquarium overflow acrylic laser cut
laser cut aquarium
premium aquarium manufacturer
aquarium coast to coast overflow euro brace
black silicone aquairums
black silicone aquarium

The acrylic overflow panels are  laser cut by machine.

All components, including Euro-bracing, are now assembled by professional and experienced Innovative Marine craftsmen.

Commercial grade marine silicone is applied by hand and then smoothed to a fine line, giving that quality finish expected by Innovative Marine customers.

reef bulk supply
low iron aquarium glass

After at least 14 days of curing time, the silicone as well as the entire aquarium is inspected and detailed to meet IM standards.

salt water fish tank
aps aluminum aquarium stand
aquarium stand metal

After all components have passed quality control, a final inspection is made to the system as a whole.

Reinforced aluminum is extruded to construct a strong and evenly supported aquarium stand that will not warp or swell. Superiorly built with quality and safety at its foundation. 

What processes are involved making my aquarium?

reef aquarium
crated aquarium

Styrofoam borders and corners insulate the aquarium inside a custom box. They are then enclosed by an export certified custom plywood crate with metal frame borders. 

Can I Cancel, Change, or Return my Purchase After Ordering?

reef sump

Payment is made in full at the time of ordering. Once you have submitted your order, cancellations, changes, and returns are not offered. Since this is a "Made to Order" purchase, please be absolutely sure before submitting your order.

Let's Get Started

reef aquarium set up
shop aquarium

Step 1 - Order your System

Select and purchase which aquarium system (112 to 240 gallons) will complement your desired aquatic experience. With three types of aquarium styles, 11 aquarium shapes and sizes, and seemingly endless stand and accessory combinations... you will find that special one that expresses your lifestyle and personality. 

hand crafted aquarium

Step 2 - We Create

Your specific order is now hand-crafted with the quality and care you expect from Innovative Marine. This process generally takes four to six months from creation to arrival and final quality inspection. Now is the perfect time to plan your aquascaping, live inhabitants and accessories that best fit your ecosystem.

made to order
home delivery appointment
aquarium home delivery

Step 3 - Delivery

Once complete, your exceptionally made aquarium system will be shipped to you. The freight company will contact you to set a delivery appointment for inside delivery* so you decide the date and window of time that suites your busy life schedule.


​- Orders take four to six months from time of order to being shipped to you. Unexpected delays may incur longer wait periods.

​- No cancellations, changes, modifications or refunds for "Made to Order" purchases.

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