What's a NUVO INT Reef Ready?

"INT" stands for Internal and "Reef Ready" means it needs a sump. The name was coined to describe the style of overflow and drain system used on this series of NUVO aquariums. 


The INT's are built with an internal infinity coast-to-coast overflow. Water silently cascades through the weirs, enters a "Bean Animal" drain and flows into a sump down below.

What's a "Bean Animal" Drain?

A "Bean Animal" is a 3 drain pipe overflow system consisting of: one primary siphon, one primary emergency and a secondary emergency.


This method is used in aquariums to create an ultra-quiet and ultra-safe overflow.

Ultra-Quiet (No Splashing / Gurgling Noise)

Handles High Water Turnover Rates

Adjustable Full Siphon Primary Drain 

Emergency Drain (Safety)

Back Up Emergency Drain (Redundancy)

*plumbing below tank not included

Ultra Thick, High Clarity, Low Iron Glass

Pre-drilled Drain and Return Holes

Genuine Loc-Line ® Return

Bean Animal Plumbing Kit

Schedule 40 Bulk-Heads 

Pre-assembled Mesh Screen Lid

Pre-installed Rubber Leveling Mat

Euro Braced on INT 112, 150 & 200s

Premium Features Come Standard

Every NUVO INT is constructed with the highest grade raw materials

and includes all these premium features standard.

NUVO APS Aluminum Aquarium Stands

Aluminum has been a tried and true element for commercial fixtures for decades because of its versatility and strength.


We’ve brought that technology to our industry and crafted a sturdy, easy to setup, eye pleasing platform that showcases your reef. APS stands provide extra protection against corrosion and swelling associated with wood stands in harsh marine environments.

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