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What is a NUVO INT Complete Reef System?

From 50 to 240 Gallons and with eight different models, the INT aquarium series is an ideal place to start your dream tank. But why choose an INT aquarium and how can it give you the best aquatic experience that fits your lifestyle?

100 gallon aquarium

Let us Begin with the Aquarium

NUVO Aquariums have a long history of transforming the way you reef, and our next generation of Full-Size aquariums will change it again! From the start, Innovative Marine’s vision was to create a saltwater reef aquarium with an overflow system that flawlessly integrates with your dream set up.

Introducing the NUVO INT. The INT’s internal overflow system possess an industry first Trapezoid Infinity Overflow, dual return nozzles and a custom "Bean Animal" style safety drain system.

When crafting a premium saltwater aquarium, no detail is ever overlooked or underachieved. Utilizing only the highest caliber components, the INT embraces Innovative Marine’s award-winning craftsmanship. Ultra-thick high clarity low iron glass, laser cut acrylic weir and our signature black silicone are just some standard features expected from a bloodline of distinction.

Completely silent, efficient, and fully customizable the NUVO INT aquariums were forged for the next generation of products and hobbyists.

overflow infinity

What's a "Bean Animal" Drain?

A "Bean Animal" is a 3 drain pipe overflow system consisting of: one primary siphon, one primary emergency and a secondary emergency.


This method is used in aquariums to create an ultra-quiet and ultra-safe overflow.

Ultra-Quiet (No Splashing / Gurgling Noise)

Handles High Water Turnover Rates

Adjustable Full Siphon Primary Drain 

Emergency Drain (Safety)

Back Up Emergency Drain (Redundancy)

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Ultra Thick, High Clarity, Low Iron Glass

Pre-drilled Drain and Return Holes

Dual Nozzle Returns

Bean Animal Plumbing Kit

Schedule 40 PVC Bulkheads 

Pre-assembled Mesh Screen Lid

Pre-installed Rubber Leveling Mat

Euro Braced on INT 112 gallon - 240 gallon

Premium Features Come Standard

Every NUVO INT is constructed with the highest grade raw materials

and includes all these premium features standard.

reef tank
reef sump

Set it Up Right... The First Time

Every NUVO INT comes with a complete plumbing kit that connects your aquarium to your sump with all premeasured, glued, and preassembled parts. Only tighten a few bulkheads and unions and within minutes you are done.
Schedule 40 PVC bulkheads provide extra support compared to standard schedule 40 ABS plastic bulkheads. Measured, cut, and glued grey PVC pipes remove all the guess work and extra trips to the hardware store. Unions connect your plumbing together for a effortless experience. A true siphon gate valve, made for saltwater, allows you to dial in your siphon drain easily, accurately, and keeps it silent.
and includes all these premium features standard.

NUVO APS Aluminum Aquarium Stands

The new standard in aquarium furniture strength, safety, and quality.


Aluminum has been a tried-and-true element for commercial fixtures for decades because of its versatility and strength.


We have brought that technology to our industry and crafted a sturdy, easy to setup, eye pleasing platform that showcases your reef. APS stands provide extra protection against corrosion and swelling associated with wood stands in harsh marine environments.

50 gallon aquarium

What's Inside the Stand?

All APS stands come equipped with side doors giving your easy access to your sump. Add a reservoir, controller board for all your gadgets, or any customized creation that makes your saltwater reef aquarium suite your lifestyle.

aquarium stand
metal aquarium stand
reef sump for sale

What is a NUVO RFS Sump?

The NUVO RFS (Reef Filtration Series) Sump is a fully comprehensive, all-in-one saltwater reef aquarium sump. With almost every upgrade feature you could dream of in a sump with a few more


Our entire RFS Sumps are what experienced reef pro hobbyist will want and everything a new hobbyist will be thankful for later in their aquarium experience.

sumps for aquariums

Why Choose a NUVO RFS Sump?

Advanced pros will have the features the wished they had when they started. Beginning reefers will save time and money by skipping the expensive learning curve of a building an aquarium sump system.


Explore what we have to offer. 

sump for saltwater aquarium
reef sump
aquarium sump for sale
aquarium bulkheads
sump filter media
reef systemsump
auto top off fitting
refugium sump
siphon drain
aquarium heater
aquarium supplies
sump cover lids
dosing tube holder
sump adjustable baffle wall
aquarium cord management

Mighty Jet XL DC Submersible Return Pump.
The Heart of your Aquarium.

The MightyJet XL is super quiet, has run-dry protection with 7 different speeds, and a feed mode. Connected to its own controller, you decide the flow rate which maxes out at 2,656 gallons per hour.

sump return pump
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Ultra Quiet DC Technology

Run-Dry Protection

One Touch Feed Mode

Includes Barbed Adapters: 3/4", 1" and 1-1/4"

Min Flow Rate 1,062 GPH 

Max Flow Rate 2,656 GPH

Dims: 7" x 4.09" x 5.11"

Max Watts 85W / 24V DC 

Not Intended for External Use

Comes with Controller

Come See Which INT Saltwater Reef Aquarium System Fits Your Lifestyle.

200 gallon aquarium
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