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What's a NUVO APS Stand?

The term APS is an acronym for Aluminum Profile Series. These series of aluminum stands were created to address major issues with current stands used in our hobby.

Our goal, to set a new standard on how aquarium furniture should be constructed. With these key features in mind:


  • Sturdy and Strong

  • Lightweight

  • Resistant to Corrosion and Swelling

  • Modular and Easy to Set Up

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

Fusion 40 gallon aquarium with APS black metal Stand

Aluminum has been a tried and true element for commercial fixtures for decades because of its versatility and strength.


We've brought and re-engineered this technology into our hobby and crafted a sturdy, easy to setup, eye pleasing platform that showcases your reef.

Why Use Aluminum?

APS Aluminum Profiles
APS aquarium black Stand with Shelf

How Easy Is It To Assemble?

Depending on the size, the APS stand can be assembled in minutes. The secret lies within the integrated hardware. Just line up the profiles and twist to lock.

No more bags of parts and instruction manuals that look like they are from NASA.

Cam Lock Locked safety
aps aquarium stand metal Cam Lock

Do All NUVO Aquariums Have Stands?

Yes. Every NUVO Aquarium has a matching APS stand. Ranging from 40-200 gallons.

NUVO aquarium APS metal Stand for sale online
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