What's a NUVO SR AIO?

SR stands for Shallow Reef. Shallow reefs took the hobby by storm when

hobbyists wanted a more robust yet shallow aquarium without having to plumb a sump system. 

SR AIOs have a built-in filtration system in the back that keeps equipment

discreetly hidden and readily accessible.

Why choose a SR AIO

SR's are the largest AIO aquariums sold in the market and the ultimate upgrade for hobbyists that crave simplicity and a spacious interior for endless design possibilities.

Ultra Thick, High Clarity Low Iron Glass

Controllable DC Pump

Mechanical 200 Micron Felt Filter Sock

Customizable Filtration Basket

Filter Media: Fiber Balls, ROX Carbon, HC GFO 

Pre-assembled Mesh Screen Lid

Pre-installed Rubber Leveling Mat

Magnetic Algae Cleaner 

Premium Features Come Standard

Every NUVO aquarium is constructed with the highest grade raw materials and includes all of these premium features to get you started, standard.

NUVO APS Aluminum Aquarium Stands

Aluminum has been a tried and true element for commercial fixtures for decades because of its versatility and strength.


We’ve brought that technology to our industry and crafted a sturdy, easy to setup, eye pleasing platform that showcases your reef. APS stands provide extra protection against corrosion and swelling associated with wood stands in harsh marine environments.