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Let’s talk about the NUVO and it’s premium features and why they have become standard in our NUVO Pros.

High Clarity Low Iron Glass

high clarity low iron glass

“Clear Glass” has been used in our industry since we have been keeping fish. While “Clear” is in the name it is not the clearest type of glass you can get.

Due to the high iron content in clear glass it ends up with a greenish tint to it. This quality can cause issues when viewing aquariums with thick glass. Colors from livestock end up looking washed out and warping in the glass can be seen.

Every NUVO Aquarium is made with the highest quality ultra-thick low iron glass. From there our glass is diamond edged, flat polished and constructed together with our signature framed black silicone giving you the clearest viewing possible.

aquarium safety leveling mat

Pre-Installed Leveling Mat

When it comes to showcasing your aquarium on a stand or counter top, it is extremely vital that your tank is level. An uneven and unleveled surface can cause an aquarium to fail over time. A leveling mat prevents disasters and decreases the stress on an aquarium. It also delivers a safe haven for your stand or furniture, preventing any scratches or dents.

Safety is our number one goal, that is why our ultra-thick leveling mats are made from the highest grade rubber material and each mat has been rated and tested to withstand over 2000lbs of pressure. 

aquarium Mesh Screen Lid SafeScreen

SafeScreen Mesh Screen Lid

Providing protection for “jumping” inhabitants is crucial when taking care of any aquarium. Many lids trap in heat and build up salt creep, which can hurt light penetration. Mesh screen lids have come a long way and quickly has become a staple in our industry.

No More heat build up, very little impact on light penetration and no more lid clips.

The SafeScreen is pre-assembled and powdered coated for extra protection. 

aquarium 200 Micron Filter Sock

200 Micron Felt Filter Sock

Micron Socks give you a cleaner and clearer aquarium, resulting in polished water all while simultaneously removing heavy amounts of organic matter that produce ammonia and other undesirable substances in the aquarium.

Note: Please rinse all filter socks in RO or RO/DI water before use

CustomCaddy Filter Media Basket

innovative marine CustomCaddy Media Basket with media

Filtration is key in keeping any kind of aquarium. That is why we added the CustomCaddy Media Basket with a NUVO PurityPack Media Pack into all the pro kits. 

The CustomCaddy allows customization in your filtration media and when paired up with the NUVO PurityPack it will extract a wide range of impurities for a cleaner and clearer aquarium.

Customization doesn’t stop there, when you remove the two laser cut shelves the CustomCaddy can double as a refugium basket for a more natural take on filtration.

NUVO PurityPack Filter Media

purity pack aquarium filter media

Fiber Balls - High Performance, non clogging, mechanical filter media for both freshwater and marine aquariums. Easy to remove & replace, fiber balls collect floating detritus & other toxic particles in water.

Premium ROX 0.8 Carbon - High Grade chemical filtration process that removes impurities such as copper, chlorine, medications, tap water impurities, discoloration and dissolved proteins.

HC Coarse GFO - High Capacity Granular Ferric Oxide is 2 x more effective by volume than leading GFO. HC GFO controls and removes phosphates from water eliminating nuisance algae and green water.

fusion aio MightyJet Return Pump

MightyJet DC Return Pump

The engine behind every NUVO Aquarium is a DC return pump called the MightyJet. DC pumps have been surging in popularity within our industry due to having these key features: controllability, low energy consumption, ultra-quiet and built in dry run protection.

The MightyJet is the industry’s very first DC All-In-One return pump, that lets you have full control of your aquarium with a push of a button. Feature rich, the smallest form factor and five star reviews from our industry’s biggest critiques.

Aquarium Glass magnetic algae Cleaner

MicroMag Algae Cleaner

You simply drag the outside magnet in a circular motion to remove algae and keep your hands dry.

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