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Why Choose Innovative Marine?
starfire glass low iron

We know you expect a premium product, so we only utilize the best raw materials and hand inspect each and every item for imperfections or defects before they reach your hands.

You handle the livestock inside, and we will handle the rest...


We Promise...

High Quality Control

Customer Service

Our goal at IM, is help you succeed with less pain and more enjoyment.

We are always here to answer questions quickly, help you with an aquarium build, or assist with a warranty item.

We're not happy until you are... just let us know how we can help.

Customer Experience

award winning aquariums

We love solving problems to make your life easier. You can bet we are always working on something new or adding our own twist on products so you don't have to.

Our products have won multiple awards and we have been issued a host of patents for our original designs. We are obsessed with innovation, guess we have to be since it's our namesake.


aio all in one aquarium design

Not our first Rodeo, our experienced staff  have literally been in every aspect of the aquarium industry. 


Many of us here started in retail, wholesale, manufacturing & design. 

Our design team even helped launch and develop the All-In-One aquarium category over 16 years ago.

This advantage allows us to see the product through many different perspectives.

Trusted Experience

largest selection of tanks

If it can hold water, we probably make it!


Some competitors offer 3 or 4 models,  We think you should have choices so we offer a little more ;)


We design and manufacture  All-In-Ones, Reef Ready  External Overflow Systems, and Reef Ready Internal Overflow Systems. With 21 models and counting with every shape from a traditional lagoon to conceptual drop-off aquarium.

Plethora of Choices

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